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meFiona J McEvoy holds a graduate degree in Philosophy, with a special focus on ethics and technology. Since graduating, she has presented to the International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP) at Stanford University, and her thesis paper, “Decisions, decisions: Big Data and the Future of Autonomy” has been published by the Annals of the University of Bucharest as part of their series on emerging technology.

Outside of academia, Fiona has written thought pieces for a number of publications, including SlateVentureBeatAll TurtlesChatbots Life, and Becoming Human.  She also recently led the “Humanizing AI and the Ethical Implications of Technology” panel session at the 2018 RE•WORK Summit in San Francisco.

Before studying, Fiona spent nearly ten years working as a campaigner, PR and Public Affairs specialist in the UK, dealing with a range of agencies, think tanks, charities and trade associations.  She holds two Bachelor’s degrees in English Lit & Drama and Classical Studies.